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Simplifying property transfers, stamp duty refunds and more at affordable prices.

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Nura Conveyancing is a modern, 100% online, Melbourne-based conveyancing firm that strives to provide Melbourne with exceptional conveyancing services at affordable prices.

Our digital conveyancing service provides you with meticulous attention to detail and exceptional time management, ensuring your claim will always be processed on time and, in many cases, ahead of schedule. Our goal is to simplify the process for our clients – built on the foundation of transparent and open communication, trust and support.

Our comprehensive conveyancing services include new build conveyancing, existing house conveyancing, residential land conveyancing, off-the-plan conveyancing and more.

What services do we offer?

We also can assist with transferring property to family members, stamp duty refund, and can service developers and investors with their subdivisions, as well as selling off the plan – to mention only a few.

​We pride ourselves on providing a professional and honest practice that puts the client first – every time!

  • Property transfer between parties (including family)
  • Sale/purchase of businesses and leases
  • First homeowner applications
  • Off-the-plan conveyancing
  • Refinance and mortgage discharges
  • Plan of subdivisions
  • Sales and purchase transactions of all property types
  • Preparation of contract of sale for real estate/Section 32 vendor statements
  • Auction contracts
  • Stamp duty refund
  • New build conveyancing
  • Existing house conveyancing

If you’re a seller, we provide support for services, such as settlement, the auctioning of your property, transfer of land, contracts of sale, the release of a deposit and any additional conveyancing services you may need.

If you’re a buyer, you can depend upon our experienced Conveyancers for assistance every step of the way, from the initial offer to post-settlement.

For quality, results-driven conveyancing services in Melbourne, look no further than Nura Conveyancing.

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